Thursday, April 20, 2006

MS: How to Properly Configure File System Antivirus Software on Exchange Server

Virtual server folders (Program Files\Exchsrvr\mailroot\)
Program Files\McAfee\GroupShield Exchange\i386\qtinewrk
Program Files\McAfee\GroupShield Exchange\i386\quarantine
Exchange databases and log files(\Exchsrvr\MDBData)
Exchange .mta files (\Exchsrvr\Mtadata).
Exchange message tracking log files (\Exchsrvr\Server_Name.log).
Site Replication Service (SRS) files (\Exchsrvr\Srsdata).
Internet Information Service (IIS) system files (\%SystemRoot%\System32\Inetsrv).
Internet Mail Connector files (\Exchsrvr\IMCData).
Exclude files *.chk
Exclude files *.log
Exclude files *.stm
Exclude files *.edb

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