Friday, September 29, 2006

MS: You Can't Access The User List In A Trust with error 'The Server Is Not Operational'

When you create a external trust between Windows 2000 and/or Windows 2003, you can't access the user list with error "The Server Is Not Operational"
This condition will happen if there are no SRV records in DNS on the the trusting domain for the DCs in the trusted domain. To fix this condition:

1. Open the DNS snap-in in the trusting domain.
2. Expand the server.
3. Right-click Forward Lookup Zones and press New Zone.
4. Press Next.
5. Press Standard secondary and then press Next.
6. Type the trusted domain name and press Next.
7. Create a new file named Domain.dns and press Next.
8. Press Finish.
9. Open the DNS snap-in in the trusted domain.
10. Expand the server.
11. Select the Properties of the trusted domain's forward lookup zone. Select the Zone Transfers tab.
12. Check the Allow zone transfers box.
13. Select Only to the following servers and type the IP address of the trusting domains DNS server.
14. Press OK.
15. On the DNS server in the trusting domain, open the DNS snap-in.
16. Expand the server.
17. Expand the Forward Lookup Zones.
18. Right-click the secondary zone and press Transfer from master.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

BETA: Microsoft releases another build of Windows Vista RC1 (Build 5728)

Microsoft releases the second (public) build (5728) of the Release Candidate 1 of Windows Vista in september 23th. This build work much better than then previous RC1 build (5600).
This build is available in x64 and x86 versions.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

BETA: Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 Beta Refresh 1 Build 2786

Microsoft announce the release of Beta Refresh 1 (build 2786) of Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition customers.

Here is the list of releases:

* 32-bit x86 standalone update: English, German and Japanese
* x64 standalone update: English and Japanese
* Itanium standalone update: English, German and Japanese

Sunday, September 17, 2006

BETA: Microsoft releases another build of Windows Longhorn Server (Build 5600)

Microsoft releases this week another build (Build 5600) of Windows Longhorn Server for both platforms (x86 and x64), so I give a try and found this build very estable, faster and small than Vista RC1 (around 6 GB of hard disk space in x86 build).

BETA: Microsoft releases Windows Vista RC1 (Build 5600)

Microsoft releases the Release Candidate 1 (build 5600) of Windows Vista the first week of september, finally I got same free time from my projects in Avanade and install the x86 and x64 in 3 machines (one is my everyday Dell notebook).
Well, this build work much better than previous builds (Beta2, and Pre-RC1) and Office 2007 works amazing, but I still have some problems with Wireless networks, VPN connectivity and serveral applications and devices, so I need to keep my Windows XP partition to run same applications.