Thursday, December 20, 2007

VMware: VMware ESX Tools




MS: Exchange 2007 Guides

Exchange Server 2007 Design and Architecture at Microsoft

How the Microsoft Information Technology organization designed the corporate Exchange Server 2007 environment Technical White Paper.

Managing the Calendaring and Collaboration Process By Using Exchange Server 2007 Web Services

Microsoft is using Exchange Server 2007 Web Services to support communication and collaboration for two of its own internal applications. This case study provides a technical-level overview of how Microsoft developers are using Exchange Server 2007 Web Services.

Daily Operations with Exchange 2007

Operating a Global Messaging Environment by Using Exchange Server 2007 Technical White Paper

Exchange Server 2007 Deployment Checklist

This technical white paper discusses the deployment checklists that the Exchange Messaging team created based on the Exchange Server 2007 architecture and design specifications for the corporate production environment.

MS: Optimizing Outlook 2007 Cache Mode Performance for a Very Large Mailbox

How to optimize Outlook 2007 Cache Mode Performance for a Very Large Mailbox in a Exchange Server

Post Number 300!

This is my post number 300 of Enterprise Architectures and my first post in this blog posted in the United States.

I moved to the Bethesda, Maryland, United States, and left Madrid, Spain.

As soon my container arrive home and cable modem is ready, I will continue with this blog.