Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CtxAdmTools: AD Group Members v2.0 released!

AD Group Members v2.0

This FREE tool list Members of Active Directory Groups

Download at http://www.ctxadmtools.com

Release Date: September 2013

Do you have hundred of AD Groups and you want to check membership of users?

You can search Active Directory Groups, List Members and export results to Excel files.

New features included on the new version 2.0:

New Metro Interface inspired by Windows 8 and Windows Phone Metro UI.

Active Directory browser help you choose the OU to search groups:

AD Browser

Allow unsupported characters in AD Group Names: if your organization uses groups names with unsupported characters most of scripts and tools (including the previous version of AD Group Members) will fail. (Available on Full Version only)

Faster: now AD Group Members is 40-60% faster than version 1.0!

Load AD Groups button: Search and List All Groups in Active Directory or the OU specified using the AD browser.

Load AD Groups

Filter AD Groups textbox: Search and filter AD groups based on the name.

List Group Members button: List members of selected AD group(s).

Clear Lists button: clear both AD Groups and AS Members windows.

Remove Duplicates button: Remove duplicate members.

Export Excel button: Save the information to a Excel file. (Available in the Full version only)

Cancel Search button: Interrupt the search. 

Show AD Group Membership checkbox: show users and groups names.