Monday, April 24, 2006

CTX: MetaframeEvents - Printer Management - Event ID 1106


Event Type: Error
Event Source: MetaframeEvents
Event Category: Printer Management
Event ID: 1106
Date: 2/6/2006
Time: 11:48:37 AM
User: N/A
Computer: COMPUTER1
Description: Client printer auto-creation failed. The driver could not be installed. Possible reasons for the failure: The driver is not in the list of drivers on the server. The driver cannot be located. The driver has not been mapped. Client name: (COMPUTER1) Printer: (Client\COMPUTER1#\HP LaserJet 2300L PCL 6) Printer driver: (HP LaserJet 2300L PCL 6)

Solution #1:

What you can do is, Under the Printer Management Section of the CMC you can specify what drivers you wish the Citrix Servers will use. But the Citrix Universal Driver would be fine to use in your environment, as the LaserJet 4 Driver is only PCL4 Compliant. So you can do this a number of ways but simply you can do this

1. Open your CMC Console
2. Right Click -> Printer Management
3. Click on Drivers Tab
4. Select Universal Driver Only
(This will map all client printers to the Universal Driver, which is PCL4 / LaserJet 4 Compliant)

Note - A pre-requisite for this to function correctly you must have already replicated the driver to all Citrix servers within your Farm, either by using the Driver Replication options of Metaframe or by installing the driver locally on the servers themselves.

Solution #2:

1. Open you CMC Console
2. Expand Printer Management
3. Right Click on Drivers -> Compatibility
4. Compatibility list options -> (Allow only drivers in the list.)
5. Click on Add -> Select the driver you wish to enable on the Farm
6. Click on OK
7. Click on OK Again to save the Changes
8. Right Click on Drivers -> Mapping
9. Click on Add -> Enter the Client Driver Name Eg. HP LaserJet 2300L PCL 6
10. Select the Pre-Installed Server Driver (HP LaserJet 4) or install the correct driver (then replicate to all Citrix servers) and choose the HP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 6
11. Continue to do this for the remainder of the client printers.

P.S. You can get the client driver name from the Application log when the Metaframe server cannot find a compatible driver to assign.

Source: MetaframeEvents
Category: Printer Management
Event ID: 1106
Type: Error
Description: Client Printer auto-creation failed. The driver could not be installed.
-- In this section look for the following line...> Printer driver: (HP LaserJet 2300L PCL 6)
Remove the Brackets and you have your client driver name..>

The solution #2 is useful if have any errors related with PDF printers (Adobe PDF Converter, AdobePS Acrobat Distiller, Jaws PDF Creator, PrimoPDF, SolidPDF XChange, etc). You can follow the instructions from the solution #2 and map the PDF printer to Citrix Universal Printer.

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