Wednesday, September 08, 2010

VMware: Turn vCPU’s into vCores

The procedure below will "convert" vCPUs into vCores

Example: we have software product licensed for 2 CPUs. We add 4 vCPU to VMWare VM.
Using the procedure below, we can convert these 4 CPU as 2CPU of 2 Cores each.

1.Power off the VM
2.Right click on the VM and select “Edit Settings…”
3.Select the “Options” tab
4.Click on “General” (in the “Advanced” options section)
5.Click “Configuration Parameters…” (in the pane on the right)
6.Click “Add Row”
7.Enter “cpuid.coresPerSocket” in the “Name” column
8.Enter a value, like 2 or 4 in the “Value” column
9.Click “OK”
10.Power on the VM

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