Saturday, July 14, 2007

VMware: Install Windows Vista x86 on ESX Server 3.0

1) Create a new VM with at least 512 MB of RAM and a 16 GB Hard Disk.
2) Copy the IMG/ISO of Windows Vista and the Floppy drive image to the ESX host using Veeam FastSCP, or insert the DVD and a Floppy with the driver into the ESX host.
3) Connect the IMG/ISO file to the Windows Vista VM. Make sure the "Connected" is selected.
4) Power on the Windows Vista VM.
5) Vista install starts and then stops at a point where it can't find the CD/DVD driver. A pop-up with "Load Driver" as the title appears indicating that a required device driver at this point.
6) Connect the Floppy drive image (and ensure "Connected" is selected).
7) After ESX has attached the floppy drive, click on "Rescan".
8) Continue the Setup of Windows Vista.
9) Remove the floppy image from the VM or uncheck "Connected".

Download the Floppy Image with the CD-ROM Driver from

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