Wednesday, July 04, 2007

MS: Exchange 2007 IMAP4 Client Access Configuration

1. Set MSExchangeIMAP4 service to automatic
Set-service msExchangeIMAP4 -startuptype automatic

2.Configure IP Address and Port for IMAP4

a.To set the IP address and port for communicating with Exchange using IMAP4 with SSL, run the following command:
Set-IMAPSettings -SSLBindings: IPaddress:Port

b.To set the IP address and port for communicating with Exchange using IMAP4 with no encryption or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption:
Set-IMAPSettings -UnencryptedOrTLSBindings IPaddress:Port

3.Configure IMAP4 Authentication - IMAP4 (143) /IMAP4 SSL (993)

a.If you will not be using TLS encryption and you want to allow Basic authentication on an unsecured port, run the following command:
Set-IMAPSettings -LoginType PlainTextLogin

b.If you will not be using TLS, but you want to restrict Basic authentication to use only secured ports, run the following command:
Set-IMAPSettings -LoginType PlainTextAuthentication

c.If you want to use TLS encryption before authentication, run the following command:
Set-IMAPSettings -LoginType SecureLogin

4.Enable IMAP4 Protocol for the User Mailbox (Enabled by default)
Set-CasMailbox MailboxName -IMAPenabled:$true ($false disables the protocol for the specified user)

5.Configure the SMTP Receive Connector on the Exchange Server to Allow Anonymous in order to send Email using the following command:
Set-ReceiveConnector "Servername\default Servername" -PermissionGroups “ExchangeServers,ExchangeUsers,ExchangeLegacyServers,AnonymousUsers"

6.Restart the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4
ServiceRestart-service MSExchangeIMAP4

7. Check the status of the Microsoft Exchange IMAP4
ServiceGet-Service MSExchangeIMAP4

8.Dump the IMAP4 configuration

Note: Remember do not use the Administrator account to test IMAP4, IMAP, SMTP.


Artie said...

Hi - do you know what the effect of using set-imapsettings -enableexactRFC822Size:$True is? I have some IMAP customers who use PINE and/or ALPINE, and Exchange supplies different message sizes to those clients during message retrieval. ALPINE warns the customer of this message size discrepancy when attempting to move items to folders. I am aware that Exchange is not a IMAP server. When i dumped my IMAP config (looking to see if there were settings like fast message retreival, etc), I saw this option set to False, and the name sounds like it may be a setting to correct this issue. Do you have any info on this command? The detailed and full help data do not list the details of the parameter, and I haven't seen it in the documentation on Tech-net.

Any info you maybe able to provide might be helpful. TIA

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