Thursday, October 23, 2008

CTX: Citrix released Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 for XenApp 5.0 and 4.5 for 32-bit (x86)

Citrix has just released a new Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 for XenApp 5.0 and 4.5 for 32-bit. Please take special note of the install requirements for this release. For a complete readme click here. For best practices for installing and maintaining a large farm with Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 please, review CTX118659.

See Knowledge Center article
CTX118771 for known install behaviors and their workarounds.
Your Citrix License Server must be at version 11.5 to install this hotfix rollup pack. Using your MyCitrix credentials, download this update from the
Citrix Web site.

The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) must be installed on all servers before installing this hotfix rollup pack. This can be obtained from the
Microsoft Web site or visit the Microsoft Web site and search for Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86).

Installing this hotfix rollup pack partially invalidates the following hotfixes. This happens because not all fixes in these hotfixes are included in the hotfix rollup pack. Obtain or request the corresponding replacement hotfixes for any invalidated fixes you require as follows:
Invalidated Hotfix - Replacement Hotfix
PSE450R02W2K3019 - TBD
PSE450R02W2K3041 - TBD
PSE450R02W2K3043 - TBD
PSE450R02W2K3048 - TBD

The Suite Monitoring and Alerting (SMA) service used by the Access Management Console might not start after installing Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 and restarting the system. In order to fix this problem, you must upgrade the .NET version on the system to .NET 2.0 SP1. [#198103]

For information about Commandline Parameter Validation for XenApp, see Knowledge Center articles CTX117316 and CTX115245.

Unattended installation of this hotfix rollup pack from a batch file using the /qb switch fails to complete. Instead, the installer stalls at a dialog box prompting to close CMD.exe. As a workaround, use the /qb- or the /qn switch. [#186447]

This hotfix rollup pack provides a range of improvements to the resiliency of the Independent Management Architecture (IMA) Service. To get the benefits of these improvements, you must install this hotfix rollup pack on each zone data collector. See Knowledge Center article CTX118658 for information on the IMA performance and resiliency enhancements introduced in this Hotfix Rollup Pack. See Knowledge Center article CTX118659 for general best practices for installing and maintaining a large farm with Hotfix Rollup Pack 3.

Before installing this hotfix rollup pack on servers licensed for Standard Edition, you must migrate those servers to Advanced Edition. Standard Edition was discontinued on Citrix Presentation Server 4.5; installing this hotfix rollup pack on servers licensed for Standard Edition might cause the following error message to appear:
Citrix Presentation Server is unable to retrieve the product edition. Check to see if the Citrix Independent Management Architecture service is running without errors. Citrix Presentation Server cannot request licenses until it can obtain the product edition รข€“ no client devices can connect. If necessary, set the product edition in the Access Management Console. The product must be set to the same edition as your licenses.

To migrate your servers to Advanced Edition, you must obtain an Advanced Edition license and then change the server edition in the Access Management Console from Standard to Advanced. For information about obtaining an Advanced Edition license, visit your My Citrix account or contact your reseller.

After you install this hotfix rollup pack, Presentation Server 4.5 licensing will be enforced for the Application Streaming feature available in the Enterprise and Platinum editions. As a result, this feature will start to consume Presentation Server licenses and any individual Streaming (CSS) licenses received and activated in the past will no longer be utilized.

Uninstalling Version 1.2 of the Streaming Client from a system where Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 is installed might lead to system instabilities. The issue occurs because uninstalling the client removes the AIEcom.exe common component file. As a workaround, after uninstalling the client, run Repair on the Presentation Server Version 4.5 base installation. Running Repair restores the AIEcom.exe file. [#193688]

After installing this hotfix rollup pack, applications for which parameter passing is enabled might fail to launch. This is a result of the implementation of Fix #182305, which enforces tighter command line validation by default. Among potentially affected applications is the Citrix Conferencing Manager, any application that attempts to open a file over a UNC path [#186923], and Microsoft Office applications on WISP (Web Interface for SharePoint). As a workaround, you may choose to disable the fix:

For Citrix Conferencing Manager:
Go to the server properties of Citrix Conference Room.
Select the published application and click Edit.
In the Custom Application Location dialog box, select "Specify custom command line and working directory."
Append %** to the command line (for example, "C:\Program Files\Citrix\CMCM\CRoom.exe" %**).
Specify a working directory.
Apply the changes.

For individual applications:
Go to the Location property of the published application, for example, Microsoft Word.
Append %** to the command line (for example, "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\winword.exe" %**).
Specify a working directory.
Apply the changes.

Alternatively, it is possible to disable the fix at the server level by setting the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Citrix\wfshell\TWIName: PublishedAppCommandLineFlagType: DWORDData: 0

When adding the ValidSites registry key to redirect specific URLs from server to client, specify the URLs without http://. For example, add, not [#161177]
To enable Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 compatibility, you must install Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 before installing any Access Management Console extensions. [#162886]

After using the Shadow Taskbar with Version 11.0 of the XenApp Plugin for Hosted Apps to launch session shadowing, the shadowed session might appear in the Windows Taskbar instead of the Shadow Taskbar. [#196063]

Certain users cannot access the Event Log. This may cause some expected event messages to be missing. For more information, see Knowledge Center article CTX118466. [#197462]

If you remove the Hotfix Rollup Pack after publishing an application with Hotfix Rollup Pack 3 and the Hotfix Rollup Pack 3-level Access Management Console, the console might throw an exception when you attempt to edit the properties of that published application. This problem does not occur when you edit the properties of a published application that was created before Hotfix Rollup Pack 2 was installed. [#166266]

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