Tuesday, September 09, 2014

CtxAdmTools Released AWS Instance Manager v1.0

Visit the official AWS Instance Manager site

If you don't have the right tool to manage AWS EC2, you really need AWS Instance Manager

The tool for AWS developers and administrators designed by AWS developers and consultants.
Manage all your AWS instances in all regions in a single console.

Save time and hundred of dollars in AWS instances cost.

AWS Instance Manager

Features included on the new version 1.00:

Remote Desktop your AWS Instance with One Click.

Create Quick Instance: Create AWS Instances in seconds in a single screen.

AWS Instance Manager

Create Instance: Create AWS Instance with advanced settings.

Start, Stop (Shutdown), Restart and Terminate(Delete) AWS Instances.

Key Pair Manager: Simplify the build process. Manage all Key Pair keys in a single place.

More features coming soon!

Visit the official AWS Instance Manager site

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