Wednesday, July 28, 2010

CTX: TechEdge 2010 Presentations List

Citrix TechEdge is a free event hosted by top Citrix Technical Support engineers at Citrix Summit and Synergy, where you gain in-depth knowledge on the latest troubleshooting tools, methodologies and fixes for your Citrix Application Delivery Infrastructure. TechEdge 2010 was held on Tuesday, May 11th at the Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, California.

This article lists the presentations and videos from TechEdge 2010 that are available on the Citrix Knowledge Center.

CTX125175 - TechEdge 2010 - Debugging a Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Environment
CTX125177 - TechEdge 2010 - Troubleshooting XenDesktop Deployments
CTX125178 - TechEdge 2010 - XenServer Storage Management and Troubleshooting
CTX125180 - Troubleshooting XenDesktop, Provisioning Services & XenServer Integration
CTX125181 - TechEdge 2010 - Troubleshooting Performance Issues in a Virtualized Environment
CTX125182 - TechEdge 2010 - Provisioning Services Stream Process Architecture and Advanced Troubleshooting

CTX125183 - TechEdge 2010 - Netscaler VPX Implementation and Troubleshooting
CTX125184 - TechEdge 2010 - Optimizing NetScaler for Enterprise Web Applications

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