Monday, May 24, 2010

CTX: XenApp 6 Feature Overview - PART 3

XenApp 6 Feature Overview: Any Device, Anywhere

Users can simply and securely access applications instantly with a consistent high quality experience regardless of location or device.

Universal Device Access: Citrix online plug-in for accessing hosted applications is available for a wide range of platforms including: DOS, Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, iPhone, Linux, Android, UNIX, Java, IBM OS/2 Warp, Blackberry, and EPOC / Symbian OS. (Refer to the Client feature matrix for feature availability by platform)
Microsoft Remote Desktop Client support: Allows users to connect to XenApp using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, enabling access from Windows devices that are locked-down and which may not support Java.
Non-admin client installation: Eliminates the need to give users “Administrator "privileges in order to install XenApp plug-ins in order to simplify application access.
Secure application access: A full featured SSL VPN gives users access to any application or network resource including applications delivered via Citrix XenApp.
Application gateway: Hardware and software-based SSL-proxy that allows remote users to securely access data center hosted applications delivered via XenApp. All hosted application traffic is proxied to enable firewall traversal without requiring additional ports to be opened.
SmartAccess: Provides granular access control policies and integrated endpoint analysis for users accessing applications via SSL VPN. Administrators have a single point of access control for all applications and resources - not just XenApp traffic.
Endpoint scanning and extensible analysis: Clients are scanned against administrator-defined criteria to enforce proper configuration such as up-to-date security software and operating system hotfixes. Endpoint analysis can be extended using industry-standard development tools.
Hot desktop: Enables users to securely share workstations. Let’s users logon/logoff in seconds instead of using a time-consuming, full Windows or Novell logon/logoff procedure.
Citrix Receiver: A single client interface that automatically installs and configures client devices to access applications and resources meant specifically for authenticated users.
Auto-updating client software: Through Citrix Receiver, XenApp plug-ins for a variety of application access, security and performance management functions are automatically updated to the latest version without IT intervention.
Web interface: A browser-based interface for accessing applications. Offers built-in support for two-factor authentication, simple customization through the management console and multilingual support. Integration with most third-party portals is seamless.
Support for Microsoft SharePoint: Allows organization to add Web interface functionality to Microsoft SharePoint to deliver applications to users through a SharePoint portal.
Client-less SSL VPN access: Allows users to access network file shares, Web email and internal Web sites from devices that are locked down and do not permit the downloading of any software.

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