Monday, September 21, 2009

CTX: Inactive vDisk on Target Device in Citrix Provisioning Server

When you try to copy the content of the target device in Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) 5.x, the PVS icon show Inactive vDisk status on Target Device.

If you are using DHCP to assign the IP address to devices, you need to configure DHCP options 66 and 67:

1.- Stop Citrix PVS PXE Service on PVS Server.
2.- Open the DHCP Server Management Console and select DHCP server.
3.- In the Toolbar, click Action and select Set Predefined Options from the menu.
4.- Click Add to add the DHCP options.
5.- The Option Type window appears.
6.- Enter the Name:

For option 66, enter Boot Server Host Name (for example: ctxpvs01 or - I prefer using the IP address)
For option 67, enter Bootfile Name (ARDBP32.BIN)

7.- Click OK.
8.- Start Citrix PVS PXE Service on PVS Server.

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