Tuesday, January 06, 2009

CtxAdmTools: Visual Core Configurator v1.1 (Beta 2 REFRESH) Released!

Visual Core Configurator 2008 is a FREE tool to Setup and Configure Windows 2008 Core servers.

Today, January 6, 2009, I released the Beta 2 Refresh of Visual Core Configurator 2008.

Build 275 (Beta 2 Refresh) is available for download at http://ctxadmtools.musumeci.com.ar/

You can download the .EXE file package (include extra files) or .ISO file (Best Option for Virtual Machines).This Beta was tested on both versions of Microsoft Windows 2008 Core (x86 and x64) and physical servers, and VMware, Microsoft and XenServer virtual machines.

New Features of this Version: Windows Update

List of Features included in this Build:

Network menu
Network: Show Network Information: Show IP, DNS and NIC configuration
Network: Network Manager: View or change IP, DNS and WINS configuration
Network: Change Computer Name / Domain / Workgroup: Change Computer Name or Join Machine to a Domain or Workgroup

System menu
System: Control Panel: Customize the Operating System (Time and Keyboard)
System: Event Viewer: Display monitoring and troubleshooting messages from Windows
System: Services: Manage Windows Services
System: Screen Saver: Change Screen Saver Configuration
System: Remote Desktop: Configure Remote Desktop (formerly Terminal Server Administration Mode)
System: Video: Configure Screen Resolution
System: Windows Update: Install Windows Updates and HotFixes

Tools menu
Tools: Windows Explorer: Show Files and Folders
Tools: Notepad: Tool to Edit Files
Tools: Registry Editor: Tool to Edit the Registry
Tools: OS Information: Show Operating System Information

Help menu
Help: About: Show the Application Information

Exit menu
Exit: Close Visual Core: Close the Application
Exit: Shutdown: Log Off, Restart or Shutdown the Computer

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