Sunday, December 28, 2008

CtxAdmTools: Visual Core Configurator v1.1 (Beta 1) Released!

Visual Core Configurator 2008 is a FREE tool to Setup and Configure Windows 2008 Core servers.

Today, December 28, 2008, I released the first public Beta of Visual Core Configurator 2008.

Build 195 (Beta 1) is available for download at You can download the .EXE file package (include extra files) or .ISO file (Best Option for Virtual Machines).

This Beta was tested on both versions of Microsoft Windows 2008 Core (x86 and x64) and physical servers, and VMware, Microsoft and XenServer virtual machines.

I developed a Basic version of Visual Core Configurator 2008 in August 2007, called Visual Core 2008 v1.0 Basic when I lived in Madrid. The first code I wrote was for Microsoft Windows 2008 Core Beta 1. This version was just a GUI.

Then I decided to develop a more "serious" tool and start replacing shell calls with "real" code. The project was interrupted for several months and several reasons (reallocation to USA, vacations, new job, more focus on Citrix technologies, etc).

Finally at the end of November I start reviewing the code... more than 2,000 lines of code on Forms and more 3,300 lines of code on Modules on this Beta 1. This Beta include a new networking module. This module included more than 1,500 lines, and I rewrite it from scratch in the last 2 weeks.

I removed from this Beta 1 several modules to finish testing and rewrite some code: User/Groups Management, Firewall Management, Activation, etc. These modules will be included in next Beta release.

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