Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CTX: ICA Client Access Permissions

The ICA file security configuration is saved in the webica.ini file contained inside the following directory:

\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\ICAClient

Note: With version 10.1 of the Presentation Server Client or later, the webica.ini file is stored in the user profile directory.

See CTX114265 -
Client File Security is Disabled After Upgrading From Version 10 of the Presentation Server Client to Version 10.1.

Webica.ini file configuration:
The types of access you can set based on the settings in the INI file are described below.

405 means give the server Full Access.
404 is Read Access.
403 is No Access.
-1 means no security setting is configured.

For example, type the following in the Webica.ini file if you do not want to show any ICA File Security pop-up windows to users, but your servers need full access to client computers.

Note: The [Access] heading is required.


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