Monday, February 26, 2007

CERTIFICATION: VMware Sales Professional (VSP)

I got new VMware Sales Professional (VSP) certification, required for VMware Partners.

To become a VSP you must complete all of the required courses and one of the specialty courses listed below. I passed al VSP Requirements and VSP Specialties:

VSP Requirements:

  • Virtualization Overview
  • VMware Corporate Overview
  • VMware Products Overview
  • VMware Solutions Overview
  • Delivering the VMware Message
  • Effectively Working With VMware

VSP Specialties:

  • Selling to Testing and Development Environments
  • Selling Server Consolidation and Containment Solutions
  • Selling Business Continuity Solutions
  • Selling Desktop Manageability & Security Solutions

Exam Statistics:

10 Citrix Exams

04 Citrix Certifications

23 Microsoft Exams

13 Microsoft Certifications

01 VMware Certifications

More Info:

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